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INTERPACK 2021 Dusseldorf - ALTECH will be exhibiting a range of its latest labelling systems

ALTECH will be pleased to welcome guests at HALL 08B, Stand 8BC48, where they will experience the utmost professionalism and expertise.


ALTECH, leader in the labelling and coding sector, will be exhibiting a range of products representing its huge range of labelling machines at Interpack 2021. In particular, there will be multiple stand-alone labelling heads in various configurations, precisely to highlight the huge choice and ALtech’s ability to offer the right machine for any labelling requirement, whether it be oriented towards cost savings or high performance. 

In greater detail, visitors will be able to see the company's latest labelling head, the ALstep E, which is the smallest and best value on the market!

Two models from the ALritma range will also be on display, representing the state of the art in high-performance labellers.

Two ALcode real-time print-apply systems complete the line-up: these machines apply the label as soon as it is printed in any position on stationary or moving products.

Various labelling systems will also be present, including:

  • An ALline E linear labelling system, equipped with two ALritma labelling heads, for front/back labelling of elliptical and rectangular products, which will be presented at Interpack with an innovative automatic format change system.
  • An ALcode P pallet labelling system, designed for printing and application of two labels to two adjacent faces of stationary pallets.
  • A new ALcode model, specifically developed for labelling packages with variable heights: a frequent application in companies with automated logistics. 
  • An ALbelt labelling system with a new and particularly compact design, equipped with an ALstep labelling head fitted with a thermal transfer print unit for the printing and application of an upper label to moving tubs.
  • A semi-automatic ALmatic C system, equipped with a thermal transfer printer for semi-automatic wrap-around application to cylindrical products.

All machines on display will be operational in order to give visitors an experience of positive interaction in a context where it will be possible to compare different labelling solutions.