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ALcode – Print and apply labelling machine for industry

Print & apply labelling machine for self-adhesive labels; can be interfaced with a computer and are able to apply the printed labels to either stationary or moving products.


For label printing, ALcode can be equipped with various thermal printer units from the Japanese manufacturer SATO (or compatible products). These units have been developed specifically to be used on automatic applicators: print resolutions of 8 or 12 dots/mm and print speeds of up to 300mm/sec, available in 104 or 152 mm expandable print widths.

In each ALcode model, the mechanical, pneumatic and electronic systems have been designed to meet the typical requirements of machines operating in an industrial environment, matching reliability with ease of use, accessibility and interchangeability.

ALcode print-apply systems have been developed with a range of standard components which allow them to apply labels in any position and at virtually any line speed.

Available Versions

  • Air-blow applicator, with or without piston, for non-contact labelling of moving products
  • Tamp applicator for contact labelling of stationary products, including in recessed areas
  • Swinging roller applicator for contact labelling of products moving at high speed
  • Multi-format swinging-plate application system, for contact labelling of moving products, including those with different label sizes
  • Rotary arm applicator for front/back and/or corner labelling of both stationary and moving products.

Optional Accessories

The devices which may be added to the basic configuration of the Alcode label applicator in order to solve specific problems include: 

  • Laser scanner to confirm label application
  • Product transport and transfer systems
  • Multiple labelling programs
  • Near end-of-roll monitoring
  • Oversized and powered unwind units.

Technical specifications ALcode

Set for being equipped with thermal SATO M series and S series print engines or comptible (Zebra Pax, Datamax, ACLASS, Cari Valentin).




Possible Configurations

- Air-blow with or without piston

- Swinging roller

- with tamp for contact labelling

Rotary arm 

- Multiformat  swinging arm

Production Speed

Up to 100 label/min depending on label size and on the applicator configuration


Label roll diameter

300 mm (option: 400 mm)

Power supply

220V, 50 Hz, 800W

Pneumatic Feeding

5 bars, 50 litre/min


Realtime print and apply

ALcode print & apply systems for self-adhesive labels can interface with a computer and apply labels immediately after printing, in any position, on both stationary and moving products (also at high speeds).


ALTECH develops complete industrial labelling systems for the identification of all kinds of packaging, such as cases, boxes, bundles and pallets.

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