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ALTECH: labelling machines and labellers

ALTECH (Advanced Labelling Technologies) designs and produces labelling systems and machines which are able to print, apply, code and check self-adhesive labels on packaged consumer products.

ALTECH's Origins

In September 1991, the first ALTECH industrial labelling machine went into production. Today, our company operates all around the world and is a recognised leader and innovator in the identification, coding and traceability of materials.

Our current product line includes industrial labelling machinesprint-apply systems, thermal printers ... which are able to meet the most sophisticated requirements of any customer.


Building the most advanced, high-performance machines requires experience, organisation, skill, attention to detail and a passion for engineering.

At ALTECH, our expert staff refine our advanced labelling technology day after day, thanks also to contributions from our customers who are always ready to request innovative and customised solutions.

Each machine can be designed to be modular and expandable, and all components are accessible, making them easily removable and interchangeable.

Quality of ALTECH Labelling Machines

Industrial labelling machines, the final element in a packaging line, are essential to all upline processes. For this reason, Altech:

  • Respects the safety requirements and good manufacturing practices 
  • Uses only the highest quality materials: high-strength alloys, stainless-steel fasteners, high-reliability electronic and pneumatic components (supplied by prestigious international companies who guarantee rigorous quality criteria and availability of their products all around the world).


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