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Offenbach Mexicana chooses ALTECH labellers

Leading Mexican pharmaceutical firm Offenbach asked ALTECH to manufacture two labelling machines for glass vials and ophthalmic vials.

Offenbach Mexicana chooses ALTECH labellers

This partnership with Offenbach was made possible through our local distributor , as Paolo Salvini, ALTECH sales manager, explains.

"We have sold over 50 machines in Mexico over the last 15 years, in particular to large pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer Mexico, Pharmacy and Laboratorio Pisa.

We don't generally establish a direct relationship with the end user, particularly when, like in this case, they are located abroad. This is because we are able to rely on a large network of dealers with an independent technical and financial structure who purchase and resell our machines.

Even technical support, a fundamental component of the after-sales service, is handled by the dealers (trained at our headquarters in advance).

In order to meet the needs of our new customer Offenbach, ALTECH has:


Labelling of vials throws up different challenges with respect to labelling normal food, cosmetic or pharmaceutical products. ALTECH solved the problem of instability of the vials by keeping them packed in contact together in such a way that they support each other and do not fall.

The vials are also moved in trays within the pharmaceutical company, and a labeller must be able to empty the tray by picking up the vials packed together, applying a wrap-around self-adhesive label to them, checking the correctness of the labelling, and then finally releasing the vials, packed together again, so that they can be easily removed with a tray.

Performing these steps quickly and correctly requires precision mechanics to minimise the risk of breakage (glass can jam the machine, and the contents of the vial can corrode the machine components).

The ALpharma A is equipped with a hot printing unit for marking the labels with expiry date, lot number etc., and photoelectric monitoring systems able to detect any problems with the labelling process, providing for expulsion of nonconforming vials.

Ophthalmic Vials

The labelling machine for ophthalmic vials is a development of the ALline C automatic linear labelling machine for applying wrap-around labels to cylindrical products.

The ALpharma C, constructed of stainless steel, allows for easy format changes and offers automatic synchronisation of system components. Changing the speed does not require adjusting each individual device, which would require the presence of highly qualified personnel, but simply adjusting a single potentiometer.

The monitoring systems are not limited to ensuring that the label is correct and has been correctly applied, but also check that the printed fields are exactly right. Photoelectric monitoring controls ensure that defective products are not packaged. The ALpharma C even checks that expulsion has been performed."