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A quarter of a century of ALTECH

This year is ALTECH's 25th birthday, and there is no better way for us to celebrate than to highlight some of the results the company has achieved since it was founded back in September 1991.

A quarter of a century of ALTECH

Right from the beginning our goal was to create innovative and reliable high-performance industrial labelling machines. Labelling is a fundamental (as well as the final) stage in a production and packaging line. For this reason, ALTECH immediately set about creating tough, compact machines from the highest quality materials which could offer consistently high performance.

These features soon gained recognition in the market, with the company moving to Bareggio near Milan in 2002 to enlarge its plant in order to keep up with a growing number of orders, above all from export sales through qualified foreign distributors. Today the company has around eighty of these in over 50 countries, as well as three subsidiaries in the UK, Argentina and the USA.

These subsidiaries have played a key role in the delicate task of strengthening ALTECH's image in order to grasp and satisfy the great opportunities offered by foreign markets. In order to further increase our business, the company has adopted a communications strategy which makes use of the most up-to-date web and print channels, and we also attend the most important trade fairs in the packaging and logistics sectors.

After 25 years, the company's growth is now well-established and consistent, supported by a network of over 80 expert dealers and sales requests from five continents. This market demand has allowed the company to increase its production to over one thousand labelling machines a year, with turnover exceeding €10 million in 2015.

Credit for ALTECH's success over the last 25 years lies largely with our expert and well-organised staff, who are attentive to the market and able to respond to each individual requirement and offer customised solutions in the shortest possible time. Transparent customer relationships have indeed always been one of the company's foundations, as we always aim to provide the most detailed possible information.

Little by little ALTECH's product range has increased over the years, and is now able to satisfy all possible requests from the wide-ranging world of labelling: from primary, decoration and information labelling of products of all shapes and sizes to tamper-resistant labels on caps and lids, through to the identification of boxes, packs and pallets using real-time print/apply systems.  All with the reliability and helpfulness which have set the company apart since 1991.