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ALTECH aims at the German market

The German packaging machine market is among the most advanced and competitive in the world. It is famously advanced in its design and construction of automation-oriented machinery. 

Herbert Salzmann - ALTECH Sales Manager

We Italians compete daily with them on foreign markets in a high-tech challenge – sometimes we excel, sometimes we lose. Well, ALTECH has decided to rise to the challenge posed by this market with ambitious determination.

The Italian company ALTECH srl (Advanced Labelling Technologies) is now well-established throughout Europe, where it has a wide and recognised reputation in the construction of labeling systems. It has launched a series of initiatives to strengthen its German presence where it has some qualified Distributors already.

  • ALTECH opened an office in Lübeck,managed by its Sales Manager - Herbert Salzmann (photo) of proven experience in the field - who will support and strengthen our current network of distributors, providing them with support, training and updating on technological developments on the labeling range. He will also provide them with the expert advice to resolve commercial problems, working with the Bareggio (MI) headquarters.
  • ALTECH created a German language version of its website which allows the presentation of its full range of products, and engages customers, through news, product presentation, case studies and special solutions.
  • ALTECH will participate at the upcoming Interpack (4-10 May) trade show as it has done so in the past. It will exhibit its extensive range of systems for decoration, sealing and identification of products and materials by means of self-adhesive labels. ALTECH will exhibit in Hall 12, booth B23.

ALTECH Srl is a leading company in the production of material labelling and identification systems, which it distributes and provides service for all over the world, through 80 resellers and subsidiaries. It is based in Viale De Gasperi, 72 - 20010 Bareggio (MI) - Italy