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ALTECH labellers arouse great interest at Propak Africa 2016

Once again, ALTECH labelling and identification systems were on display at Propak Africa - Africa's most important exhibition - which took place in Johannesburg from 15-18 March.

ALTECH labellers arouse great interest  at Propak Africa 2016

Propak Africa is a prestigious packaging and labelling exhibition, as well as the largest and best-known yearly trade show on the African continent, not only for its size and numbers but also for the quality of the products exhibited by companies and distributors alike.  

ALTECH systems just had to be there. Renowned the world over for their quality and performance, they were displayed in a few configurations:

 - A simple, complete, low-cost ALbelt wraparound labelling system for cylindrical bottles. This particular structure has been designed to be compatible with any labelling configuration offered by ALTECH, in order to build complex models which can be adapted and modified.

- A low-cost ALstep S head for the upper labelling of packaged products. The head is fitted with a thermal transfer marker for the overprinting of variable data such as expiry dates, batches, and various number sequences.

Throughout the exhibition, visitors had the opportunity to see the effectiveness of such systems and receive valuable advice in choosing the best solution for their specific labelling problems.

Following this show, which has resulted in new, interesting leads, ALTECH will be on show at other exhibitions throughout 2016. The next event is LABEL&PRINT in Zurich (Switzerland) on 6 and 7 April.