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ALTECH inaugurates its new premises

ALTECH, a leader in the production of labelling machines, announces the opening of its new headquarters.

ALTECH inaugurates its new premises

Progressive growth had made clear the need for a new and larger site some years previously, and the freeing up of the neighbouring building was a fortunate turn of events for ALTECH.

The new headquarters, the result of extensive renovation work which took nearly two years, covers a total area of 10,000 square metres, including offices, production, warehousing and a large apron for loading and unloading. The additional square footage is not the sole justification for the significant investment, however – there is also the desire to provide the company's employees with a spacious and comfortable working environment, thanks also to the use of cutting-edge climate control and lighting technologies.

Significant attention has also been paid to the efficiency of the internal logistics (for example, the production department is located on a single floor, with dedicated routes for the various production phases, each with a short route to the warehouse), to the ergonomics of each work station (for example with air and power outlets installed above, removing trip hazards), and the incoming and outgoing material flows, making ALTECH’s new premises a model for the sector.

The new site is a fundamental component of ALTECH's growth strategy. This is not only in order to meet the growing demand for its labelling machines, which are ever-more widespread and popular throughout the world, but also to meet increasingly stringent customisation and time-to-market demands.