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ALTECH at Pack Expo 2014 Chicago

The Pack Expo edition held in Chicago (2-5 November) has shown the reawakening of the U.S. economy, a market in which ALTECH is successfully investing.

ALTECH at Pack Expo 2014 Chicago

Pack Expo is one of the most important trade fairs devoted to the industries of conditioning and packaging machinery and equipment. It takes place in alternating venues (Chicago in even years, Las Vegas in odd ones) on a yearly basis.  The Chicago edition is considered as the more important in terms of participation and quality of the exposing companies.

In 2013, the industry's imports totalled $1.9 billion, with a 6.8% increase over 2012. Italy, which ranks second after Germany, reached an export volume equal to $332.7 million (240.2 Euro) in 2013 and a share of U.S. total imports of 17.2% (Source: ICE).

The 2014 edition welcomed 2,352 exhibiting companies (+19% over 2012) and approximately 48,000 visitors (+6,5%).

The ALTECH Stand attracted a large number of visitors coming even from  South America, the Arab countries, the Far East, and Oceania.

For the ALTECH distributors in the U.S. it was a good chance to see the latest innovations on the stand and provide their buyers with useful guidance to choose the machine best suited to solve specific labelling problems.

The ALline E in-line system for front/back and wraparound labelling of elliptical and cylindrical shaped products - food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical products in plastic, glass or metal bottles and jars - and the ALritma X ultra high performance label applicator displayed on a simulator were particularly appreciated.

ALTECH also exhibited other Made in Italy solutions for product labelling, identification and traceability:

  • ALstep S, the compact, low-cost label applicator
  • ALritma T, the print-apply unit easily inserted in existing packaging systems
  • ALcode P, the pallet self-adhesive label print-apply system
  • ALcode TS, the print-apply system with touch screen
  • ALmatic, the desktop semi-automatic system
  • ALbelt C, the economical, automatic labeller for cylindrical products.

Jim Pittas, Vice-president of PMMI (Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies), described this edition of Pack Expo in Chicago as a success, and added: "The exhibitors have sold and established interesting new contacts. Lots of them have already confirmed their participation in the next edition!"