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ALTECH labellers innovation at the service of the pharmaceutical industry

The application of labels to pharmaceutical product packaging throws up specific problems which ALTECH tackles with the continuous technological innovation of the ALpharma line.

ALTECH labellers innovation at the service of the pharmaceutical industry

The ALTECH product line specifically for labelling of pharmaceutical products boasts particularly advanced characteristics and adapts to the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

During the design phase of the ALpharma system, performed in accordance with Good Engineering Practice (GEP), ALTECH paid maximum attention to the following factors:

  • Ease of cleaning of the machine (adoption of smooth surfaces, reduction of gaps, use of continuous welds and rounded screw heads, elevated electrical components to prevent them from any liquid spills)
  • Ergonomic machine parts to simply format changes and repeatability of adjustments/regulation
  • Use of inert materials, primarily stainless steel (AISI 304 or 316)
  • Integration of label printing systems with the essential data (batches, expiry dates), with hot foil or thermal transfer printing units
  • Sensors to check correct overprinting, that the label has been applied and the application is correct, and that the information is legible, with expulsion of any rejects
  • Integrated control system for managing all machine functions and its control and actuator systems, via a Siemens S7-300 PLC and Touchscreen interface
  • Possibility to certify machinery according to the GAMP 4 (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice - IQ/OQ/PQ) process, with test pass (FAT, SAT) documentation supplied for those procedures.

Remote Assistance

The PLCs installed on machines in the ALpharma line can be connected to the Internet via a router so as to allow ALTECH technicians to remotely monitor the machine, reducing the time necessary to identify any faults.

All support calls are recorded and monitored on our maintenance support system, and many problems can be solved quickly and efficiently over the phone by the same technician who built, tested or installed the machine.

ALpharma Line

  • ALpharma A - System for labelling vials and small bottles; labelling is performed from tray to tray, 'in-the-star-wheel'. Speed: up to 150 products/min.
  • ALpharma B - Integrated system for printing and applying labels to shaped cases (for labelling with barcodes or tamper-evident angle labels folded along the flaps). Speed: up to 200 products/min.
  • ALpharma C - For in-line wrap-around labelling of small, cylindrical bottles. Speed: up to 250 products/min.
  • ALpharma CH - Wrap-around labelling system for particularly slim cylindrical products (test tubes etc.), processed horizontally on an idle roller conveyor.