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Excellent results for ALTECH at Tuyap 2019

Every year, ALTECH exhibits its labelling machines (either directly or through its distributors) at the most important trade fairs for the packaging sector. 

Excellent results for ALTECH at Tuyap 2019

One of the most recent international events to see ALTECH systems take centre stage was Tuyap 2019, held in Istanbul in October. Thanks to its reputation, and strategic positioning between Europe, Asia and Africa, Tuyap Istanbul welcomes tens of thousands of visitors from over 70 countries every year.

It is therefore a genuinely important and promising setting, which ALTECH could not miss out on attending. On this occasion, the company's presence was provided by its Turkish distributor, who was able to exhibit a wide variety of labelling and coding systems on its stand. More specifically, the following solutions were on show, designed and built in part locally so as to best adapt the product offering to the technical/economic requirements of local markets:

  • A non-stop labelling system equipped with 4 Alritma labelling heads for front-back application of elliptical and rectangular products. The labellers’ management logic allows them to perform continuous labelling.
  • A low-cost system equipped with an ALstep labelling head for top labelling.
  • A labelling system equipped with two ALritma labelling heads, equipped with a marker for front-back printing and application on elliptical and rectangular products.
  • A low-cost system equipped with two ALstep labelling heads for applying labels to the top and bottom of bags laid flat.

The stand was a great success with the visitors who were able to view the machines at work and receive tips and solutions regarding their labelling requirements.