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New ALTECH accessories: dispensers, rewinders, label counters

ALTECH offers a wide range of self-adhesive labelling systems – from the simplest, lowest-cost applicators to the most complex and sophisticated linear systems ...

New ALTECH accessories: dispensers, rewinders, label counters

... able to manipulate products and control all aspects of the the labelling and/or print-apply process, even at very high speeds. High-end systems, in a nutshell.

But the requirements of the self-adhesive labelling market are often more modest, particularly initially: dispensers, rewinders, label counters, low-cost semi-automatic applicators for cylindrical or flat products and so on are particularly useful low-cost units, small devices which often coexist independently in a production line alongside the more complex systems incorporated in the packaging lines.

ALTECH is now also able to offer a range of products like those mentioned above to complete and enhance its wide range of labelling machines.