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SATO receives 2016 CRM Best Practice Award

SATO is a Japanese leading global supplier of thermal transfer printers for automatic identification and codification.

Sato industrial printer

After receiving the 2015 Good Design Award for their usability and convenience, the SATO printers are once again rewarded with the 2016 Best Practice Award, which recognizes innovative companies with customer-centric management strategies that utilize IT systems to manage the business-customer relationship.

SATO was recognized for its cloud-based maintenance service. The service provides remote support 24/7, 365 days a year and identifies problems before they occur to ensure zero downtime for customers.

ALTECH is proud of its partnership with SATO, whose thermal transfer modules are used on the ALcode print&apply units for real-time labelling and identification of boxes, cases and pallets or mounted directly on the ALstep and ALritma heads for all the products that need codifying.

As SATO’s official distributor in Italy, ALTECH also markets different models of thermal printers throughout the country and provides the most complete service possible to its customers.

All SATO printers are equipped with the NiceLabel software packages, ensuring complete management of data and parameters for label printing.