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New Semi Automatic Label Applicator for flat products

After comprehensive tests, ALTECH has started the production of a new semi automatic labeller for flat products (ALmatic E) alongside the previous model for cylindrical products (ALmatic C)

New Semi Automatic Label Applicator for flat products

Specific 3D-printed mounting templates can be manufactured in order for ALmatic E to label both flat and elliptical products.

 This unit is a particular configuration of the ALritma label applicator, which in this case is equipped, to accomplish its function, with the following devices:

  • a support table in varnished steel
  • a crossed column for the vertical and horizontal adjustment of ALritma
  • a mounting template for the positioning of the product (adjustable dimensions up to 100 x 200 mm) over a manually-operated cart running on ball bearing slides
  • an encoder synchronising the labelling speed
  • a sensor for starting the labelling cycle.

 The use of ALritma makes it possible to fully exploit all the functions of its state-of-the-art control electronics and the different accessories it can be fitted with, including a printing kit (ST 40 and 50).

 A further advantage of this configuration is that the same head can subsequently be used on faster automatic lines.