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ALritma T – High performance, High speed print & apply

ALritma T is one of the fastest and most efficient print and apply units available on the market today, easily able to print and apply over 200 labels/minute.

With a print speed of up to 16" per second, combined with a label application speed of up to 60m/min (40m/min standard), combined with the possibility of “ribbon saving”.

The key to the speed of ALritma T is its print unit control system, which uses a swinging arm to adapt the printer's operation to that of the label application on the basis of the loop of labels between the two different functions.

The unit is thus able to print and apply simultaneously and independently, and is at least twice as fast as any traditional real-time print-apply unit, like our ALcode.

ALritma T is also easy-to-use, as it is not limited to predetermined sizes for single labels, and does not require manual adjustment (for example when changing the label position). The unit is controlled by a powerful microprocessor equipped with a multilingual touchscreen, which provides the user with all the most common adjustments on a simple main screen. Once these adjustments have been entered, up to 40 formats (product/label combinations) can be stored, significantly simplifying and speeding up format changes.

ALritma T does not require compressed air and can operate, when necessary, as a normal stand-alone applicator: an extremely flexible tool, above all for the application of promotional labels, where sometimes a variable price is printed and applied, and other times only a preprinted label is applied.

The available functions and optional accessories are the same as for the ALritma label applicator.

Main Features

  • High-speed printing and delayed application: up to 300 labels/min -  40m/min
  • Independent label loop control arm provides the possibility to operate in application-only mode
  • Does not require the use of compressed air Extremely intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Incredibly flexible, allowing use of different size and shape labels: these can be used without having to change machine components.

Technical specifications ALritma T

Label width max mm.

according to the printer


40 mt/min


Display touch screen

Memory capacity

40 formats

Machine body protection

according to the printer

Unwind unit Ø

300 mm

Standard alarms

end of roll - web break - drag open

Missing labels recovery


Near end of roll check


Pneumatics applicators




Transparent label sensor


Coder / TT printer

SATO module or compatibles

AC Power

240 V - 50 Hz - 400 W