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ALbelt – Open base labelling machine

ALbelt is a simplified linear labelling system which is open and compact, completely automatic and particularly economical. It can be configured for top and side labelling of various products, mainly those which are flat.

Its large, simple and solid main structure houses a conveyor and a label applicator (choice of ALstep or ALritma model), along with some accessories, the most common being spacers with side belts, wrap-around units, folding units, adaptors and various actuators together with their control components. The fixed control panel is located below an adjustable control box.

The structure has been designed to be compatible with the various configurations of ALTECH labellers in order to provide a level of industrial standardisation which allows us to offer complex models which can be adapted and modified at a genuinely low turnkey price.

ALbelt is a particularly low-cost labelling system which nevertheless boasts a complete, cutting-edge configuration, ideal for labelling cases, boxes and cans with upper or side labels, including wraparound labels.