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ALline Special – Special labelling solutions

The ALline special automatic labelling system can be configured to meet specific labelling requirements. 

Multiple labelling in several positions, or the corner application of tamper-proof seals is possible thanks to the integration of extremely reliable and tested modular systems. The labelling of fast-moving cylindrical products can be performed by means of a special continuous or alternate-motion horizontal rollers conveyor. 

Possible labelling solutions

Specific configurations to meet special requirements.  

  • Multiple labelling in various product positions
  • Corner application of tamper-proof seal labels
  • Label application on unstable cylindrical products
  • Oversized and motorised unwinder units
  • NON-STOP configurations with automatic activation of multiple heads.

Format changes are assisted by the microprocessor with stored format parameters. The necessary mechanical adjustments have been minimised, engineered so that every component can be repeatedly positioned in a simple and reliable manner and firmly secured for machine operation. 

Optional Accessories

All ALline systems can be equipped with a range of optional components to increase their running time and performance:

  • High-precision adjustment systems for head inclination and revolution counters for adjustment handles
  • Batch or expiry date markers
  • Rotary infeed and outfeed tables
  • Product flow monitoring devices (minimum infeed/outfeed)
  • Label application confirmation with automatic expulsion.

Technical specifications ALline Special 

Power supply

400V 50 Hz three-phase

Power Consumption

1 Kw


up to  500 pcs/min adjustable