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ALpharma C - Wrap-around labelling machine

For in-line wrap-around labelling of small, cylindrical bottles. Speed: up to 250 products/min.

Available options

  • Overprinting with hot-foil or thermal-transfer printing
  • Near end-of-reel and rewinder-full monitoring
  • Near product monitoring
  • Barcode checking
  • Sensors to check for correct/performed overprinting, with print mark reading or camera
  • Sensors to check that labelling has been correctly performed, with luminescence sensors or camera
  • Expulsion of rejected products with check that expulsion has occurred and rejects box full monitoring
  • Management of formats, alarms history and rejects.


Technical specifications ALpharma C

Power supply

400V 50 Hz three-phase

Power Consumption

1 Kw


up to  250 pcs/min 


Pharmaceutical labellers

ALTECH 's proven experience in designing industrial labelling machines led us to develop the ALpharma line which labels, protects and checks pharmaceutical products (vials, cases and bottles).