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ALpharma CH - Horizontal test tubes and vials labelling machine

Wrap-around labelling systems for particularly slim products (test tubes etc.), processed horizontally on an idle roller conveyor. Available with automatic loader.

Available options

  • Overprinting with hot-foil or thermal-transfer printing
  • Near end-of-reel and rewinder-full monitoring
  • Barcode checking
  • Sensors to check for correct/performed overprinting, with print mark reading or camera
  • Sensors to check that labelling has been correctly performed, with luminescence sensors or camera
  • Expulsion of rejected products with check that expulsion has occurred and rejects box full monitoring
  • Management of formats, alarms history and rejects.

Pharmaceutical labellers

ALTECH 's proven experience in designing industrial labelling machines led us to develop the ALpharma line which labels, protects and checks pharmaceutical products (vials, cases and bottles).