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ALcode – Print and apply labelling machine for industry

Print & apply labelling machine for self-adhesive labels; can be interfaced with a computer and are able to apply the printed labels to either stationary or moving products.


ALcode represents the cutting edge in label print and apply technology, and is distinguished in the field amongst its peers for its extreme robustness, great versatility, and incredible performance.

ALcode is designed to integrate the various models of Sato print module with their respective high performances (Series EX), Zebra ZE500 and with other compatible models.

ALcode can be equipped with a huge array of different application devices. 

Available Versions

  • Air-blow applicator, with or without piston, for non-contact labelling of moving products
  • Tamp applicator for contact labelling of stationary products, including in recessed areas
  • Swinging roller applicator for contact labelling of products moving at high speed
  • Multi-format swinging-plate application system, for contact labelling of moving products, including those with different label sizes
  • Rotary arm applicator for front/back and/or corner labelling of both stationary and moving products.

The ALcode unit is controlled by a powerful PLC with a colour touch screen HMI It is positioned within the main machine body, but rotatable to suit the position of the machine relative to its operation.

The display allows the operator to change the application parameters, and inform the user about the machine status.

The machine is designed for medium-high speed packaging lines. As standard it can accept label reels up to 300 mm diameter, but can be optioned with an enlarged 400 mm unit and corresponding high-capacity rewinder. 

Optional Accessories

The devices which may be added to the basic configuration of the Alcode label applicator in order to solve specific problems include: 

  • Laser scanner for barcode checking/label presence confirmation 
  • Near end of reel sensor and/or rewind full, with multicolour tower light
  • 'Label on tamp' confirmation sensor
  • Supplementary label bending /adaption devices
  • A sensor to confirm the presence of compressed air
  • PLC's from alternate manufacturers and/or with custom interface programming


PRINTERS:  SATO S8x - ex /Zebra ZE500 or compatibles.




Possible Configurations

- Air-blow with or without piston

- Swinging roller
- with tamp for contact labelling
- Rotary arm 
- Multiformat  swinging arm


Up to 100 label/min depending on label size and on the applicator configuration


Label roll diameter

300 mm (option: 400 mm)

Max. labels width

180 mm (with SATO)

Power supply

220V, 50 Hz, 800W

Pneumatic Feeding

Air 5 bars, 50 litre/min


Realtime print and apply

ALcode print & apply systems for self-adhesive labels can interface with a computer and apply labels immediately after printing, in any position, on both stationary and moving products (also at high speeds).


ALTECH develops complete industrial labelling systems for the identification of all kinds of packaging, such as cases, boxes, bundles and pallets.

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