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ALmatic - Semi automatic labellers

ALmatic semiautomatic labeller’s function requires the operator to manually place the object in the labelling position then activate the control lever. ALmatic provides label distribution and application. It is suitable for plastic, glass or metal bottles, phials and pots.

ALmatic can apply labels up to 200 mm in width onto bottles, phials and pots, flat or elliptical (ALmatic E), or cylindrical products (ALmatic C)  of variable diameter  from a minimum of 12 mm to a maximum of 110 mm.

Thanks to the system's ergonomics and to the presence of the sliding ball guides, it permits precision labelling, significantly facilitating manual product positioning operations.

ALmatic  industrial labelling machines are equipped with a choice of ALstep or ALritma label applicators. This allows the system to take advantage of the features and electronic functions of the labelling head.Thanks to its modular construction, the ALmatic system can be equipped with all accessories available for the labelling head used, such as thermal transfer printer for printing variable data.

Then – IMPORTANT - the same head can also be used for future integration with faster automatic systems.


Technical data sheet

  • Table top support with adjusting bracket
  • Labelling heads options:  ALstep E, S, M (up to 200mm label width),  ALritma (up to 300 mm).
  • Sliding system for product positioning equipped with automatic start up sensor.
  • Powered rollers for cylindrical products from 12 up to 110 mm diameter (ALmatic C)
  • Encoder for label distribution speed upgrade according to sliding system for product positioning manually movement speed, to reach a perfect labelling (ALmatic E)


Esempio di configurazione

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