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Gallon jugs labelling machine

At the request of a renowned food company based in the Middle East, ALTECH has created a system for applying large-format labels to gallon jugs.

gallon jugs labelling machine

The system performs the labelling on 3 sides (front + two sides) so that the label is placed on side opposite handle. In the beverage sector, this type of labelling is very common on big-format bottles (2-3 litres) containing milk or fruit juice, where labels have a decorative function as well as the important task of presenting all the product features.

The system, which is completely integrated in the customer's filling line, is able to process 4,200 bottles/hour, with high accuracy. Such configuration is based on an ALline in-line labelling system equipped with an ALritma X high-performance head with 400 mm diameter unwind unit for longer running times.

The machine performs spacing and alignment of the product and holds it during labelling, which is performed by positioning the label on the front of the product and adapting it to the 3 sides thanks to its linear movement on the belt conveyor. This solution, which keeps products moving, reduces running times while maximising output.

The wide range of in-line systems manufactured by ALTECH offers a labelling solution for any kind of product in the beverage sector, from big bottles to plastic or glass ones.