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Labelling system ALTECH for Jacobsen biscuits

Once again, an internationally renowned business bets on ALTECH to solve its labelling problems. We are talking about the Danish company Jacobsen, the producer of the famous tea biscuits that are shipped from Denmark to all the corners of the world.

Labelling system ALTECH for Jacobsen biscuits

For the start-up of its new production plant, the company has asked ALTECH to study the application of three self-adhesive labels on their cylindrical containers in enamelled and embossed tin:

  1. a promotional label on top of the lid
  2. a partially wrapping label with a picture on the body of the container
  3. a bottom label of different formats bearing the ingredients and the bar code.

The box range is incredibly wide, as the diameter ranges from min. 110 to max. 300 mm and the height from min. 40 mm. to max. 230 mm. For productive reasons, the customer has requested two labelling lines with an actual output rate of 75 boxes/min. each and the use of double labelling heads to avoid stopping a line to replace the label rolls (non-stop function). 

The final solution put forward by ALTECH, which has been heartily approved by the customer, includes a first part of the line which is based on the well tested ALline EC structure. This is fitted with two ALritma S heads managed by a non-stop logic for lateral labelling along the circumference of the box.

The second part features a couple of lateral minibelts supporting the products on the two sides of the body during top and bottom labelling. Above, an ALritma S label applicator applies promotional labels (special prices, day-events, special occasions) in a single version; below, two more ALritma M labellers (200 mm paper width) apply the labels bearing the list of ingredients in the different languages of the world. These units too are controlled by a non-stop logic through an electronic microprocessor control unit. 

All heads are mounted on slides; roll changes during production are made easier by the head adapter arm, which is pneumatically. operated to remove the blade from the bottom of the boxes, thus working freely and safely