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Jar labeling system

ALTECH has recently constructed a jar labeling system for label application onto jars containing preserved vegetables, for an important North European company.  


The customer’s request was for a system able to apply different labels onto glass jars, each label to have a specific function:  

  • decorate (front label + lid label)
  • inform (back label)
  • promotional spot
  • tamper evident.

The solution was designed to insert into their existing production line, and is capable of labeling 90 products per minute.

The system supplied is based on our ALline E, customized to include 4 ALritma heads, to be activated simultaneously, or alternatively depending on the product to be labeled.

The heads can apply:

  • two labels on the front and the back of the jar
  • a spot label on front
  • and a fourth label on the lid.

For some products the front label includes a tamper evident section. The labeler has been equipped with a rotary application system to bend the label on to the lid.