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Labelling machine for food industry

On the back of its extensive experience in the labelling and coding sector, ALTECH offers industrial labelling machines for all sectors featuring rapid, efficient application. 

labelling machine food industry

ALTECH's ALbelt range of labelling systems are particularly functional and customisable, allowing labels to be applied to a large number of products depending on customers' specific requirements. They include completely automatic open linear labelling systems at extremely competitive prices.

The ALbelt “Heavy duty” system features a special configuration for the food sector, combining robust mechanical components with sophisticated, easy-to-use software. The system applies top labels to two different types of products (packages of sliced bread and hamburgers, even of different formats) simultaneously thanks to a single-belt conveyor split into two lanes. Two ALritma M labelling heads (for labels up to 200 mm in width) are installed for each section, managed by a non-stop control system which allows continuous labelling of products. When the control system detects the end of the label reel on the first labelling head, it disables it and activates the next one, allowing reloading to be performed without having to stop the labelling process. The same logic is also used on the other section, as the two non-stop systems are independent. Everything is managed via a 9" mobile touchscreen panel, which offers an excellent compromise between size and legibility.

ALTECH Srl is a leading Italian company specialised in the production of material coding, identification and labelling systems. Based in Bareggio, near Milan, it has subsidiaries in the UK, USA and South America, as well as over 80 distributors who offer sales and support in all five continents.