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Labelling Machine for Perfetti products

The Perfetti group owns several well-known brands of chewing gums, like Vivident, Happydent, Vigorsol, Daygum, Big Babol, as well as sweeties, like Golia, Morositas, Goleador, Frisk, Alpenliebe, Fruittella, and Mentos, which are famous all over the world.

Labelling Machine for Perfetti products

Needless to say, every brand is characterized by a specific marketing and communication policy associated with a well-defined positioning on the market. Even more important is the packaging that allows consumers to distinguish it.

Labelling Perfetti products is a challenge that ALTECH has taken on over the last few years, proud as it is to help add an image and a colour to products of great flavour.

But this is not an easy task: cylindrical, elliptical, prismatic packages that are decorated with multiple, opposing, wrapping or folded labels applied with the performances, reliability and accuracy required by the Perfetti advanced plants in several different countries.

This is the challenge to which ALTECH has responded over time, providing the Perfetti group with numerous self-labelling systems, especially the ALline range, which have never fallen short of their expectations.