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Non-stop labelling of fruit juice bottles - Front/Back label application

ALline labelling system, with its modular and expandable design, combines solid, flexible mechanics with the highest levels of performance. 

non-stop labelling of fruit juice bottles

Today, the beverage sector represents a cornerstone in the packaging industry. The wider market includes every imaginable kind of beverage contained in bottles, tins and containers of all shapes and sizes. This is why ALTECH, a recognised leader and innovator in the identification and labelling of materials, is committed to providing its customers with cutting-edge, reliable machines which guarantee the best possible labelling results on an enormous range of products.

ALTECH solutions for the beverage sector include the ALline labelling system, with its modular and expandable design which combines solid, flexible mechanics with the highest levels of performance. A particularly interesting model was recently installed at a major fruit juice producer in the Middle East. The ALline system in question applies two labels to the front and back of two different formats of juice bottles, the first 1000 ml and the second 1700 ml. The system is equipped with four ALritma labelling heads which operate in non-stop mode to guarantee a throughput of around 10,000 products per hour.

The system's non-stop operation allows for continuous product labelling, because as soon as the system logic detects that the label reel is running out on one labelling head, it automatically switches to the other, allowing the operator to change the label reel without interrupting the labelling cycle. As they travel along the conveyor, the products encounter two screws which transport them and space them out inside the machine, where an overhead belt holds them steady during labelling. A 7” touchscreen HMI allows all system parameters and components to be managed, and offers an excellent compromise between size and legibility. Rounding off the system are two optical safety barriers installed before the screws (one on each side) which stop the system in the event that a foreign object crosses into the danger area identified by the protective structure.

ALTECH is a leader in the design and manufacture of self-adhesive labelling systems, which it distributes throughout the world via a network of subsidiaries and qualified distributors offering consultancy and technical after-sales support.