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Pallet Labelling - Coca Cola

ALTECH has supplied one more order of ALcode P systems for printing/application of self-adhesive labels on pallets of Coca Cola products for a plant in Romania. 

Pallet Labelling - Coca Cola

This supply integrates last year’s order, thus showing the effectiveness of those systems which in this case are used to codify wrapped pallets of pet bottles (Coke, Fanta, Sprite).

The ALcode P pallet labeller print & apply system is based on a thermal transfer printer module produced by Japanese SATO and a tried and tested applicator with orthogonal axis, which moves on solid rolling guides.

It can apply labels on two (front + side) or three (front + side + back) faces of a pallet. Such an applicator, which can label pallets of different sizes in real time, is one of the classics of ALTECH production, and the dozens of units already installed show its reliability and versatility in the most diverse applications and working environments.