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Trays labelling machine

System developed by ALTECH to apply labels to plastic trays for a company specialised in the production of fresh food products.


The system performs C-wrap labelling which wraps a label around the top and bottom of the tub, a choice used in packaging fresh salads where the label also functions as a seal. Also equipped with a lower head, this allows two labels to be applied, one to the top and one to the bottom.

System performance reaches 70 products per minute.

ALbelt Configuration:

  • Dual-section ALbelt equipped with synchronised belts to hold the product sides during the labelling phase.
  • ALritma labelling head, which places the label in front of the product and then applies it.
  • Finally, use of “flag” function (available on the ALritma control panel) which allows the label to be dispensed in two stages in order to optimise the pre-dispensing of the front part of the label by taking advantage of the space between products.

Besides applying one or more labels on multiple parts of a product, the ALbelt system can take up special configurations for different applications - such top and bottom labelling - as well as non-stop configurations, providing a continuous running solution.