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Vial labelling machine

ALTECH has recently installed a wraparound labelling system for small pharmaceutical bottles in the line of a major French company.

pharmaceutical labelling machine

The machine has been devised to be installed in the customer's line: the automatic drum loader receives the products lying flat on the filling line and inserts them in step on the horizontal roller conveyor, on which they are labelled. The machine is set up to meet the typical requirements of pharmaceutical lines, with regard to building materials and cleaning as well as checking devices with automatic ejection of non compliant products.

The configuration is based on an ALpharma CH. The horizontal roller conveyor in this case is fitted on inclined supports to allow spontaneous evacuation of products with defective caps under the force of gravity.

Besides an ALritma X labelling head fitted with a thermal transfer printing unit for variable data, the system includes a video camera to perform printing check and a sensor to check that labelling has been performed correctly, with automatic expulsion. The system speed is approximately 200 bottles/minute.