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Consultancy, training and technical support

Pre-sales consultancy, made-to-measure design, technical support, spare parts and consumables. ALTECH staff provide invaluable help and advice.

Our expert knowledge of logistics, packaging and materials issues allow us to:

  • Establish the optimum configuration for each labelling requirement
  • Combine the standard products in our catalogue in a modular fashion in order to create customised solutions
  • Meet and solve particular requirements with our design department, which develops made-to-measure devices and equipment for labelling and product management and handling.


Even the best machinery must be correctly set up and used in order to operate in an optimal fashion. We provide complete and thorough training for every labelling machine we install, at our headquarters, or, on request, at the customer's premises.

Training is differentiated according to roles (operators, supervisors, maintenance technicians) to ensure they all have the required degree of knowledge for correct and effective management and maintenance.