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Pre-sales Consultancy

ALTECH industrial labelling machines, designed and manufactured in Italy, are distributed across Europe and in many countries outside Europe by a wide range of selected distributors.

Pre-sales Consultancy

Foodstuffs, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics … A myriad of packaged products are decorated, identified, sealed and marked by our machinery every day. Whatever the problem, the solution is usually a label – almost always self-adhesive.

For this reason, our labelling systems are widely used around the world, and our advice and recommendations are much in demand.

ALTECH's distributors and sales staff – trained and supported so that together with them our experience can become a resource for our customers – are thoroughly prepared consultants, able to offer the most effective and efficient solutions.

This expert knowledge of logistics, packaging and materials issues allows us to:

  • Establish the optimum configuration for each labelling requirement
  • Combine the standard products in our catalogue in a modular fashion in order to create customised solutions
  • Meet and solve particular requirements with our design department, which develops made-to-measure devices and equipment for labelling and product management and handling.