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Spare Parts and Servicing

ALTECH labelling machines are built to the highest manufacturing standards in order to run with precision, efficiency and reliability in even the most demanding industrial environments. 

Spare Parts and Servicing

Even our simplest labelling heads are manufactured in special high-strength alloys, with features and functions which are normally only found on much more expensive machinery.

As solid and high-quality as our machinery is, some parts can wear out, be damaged, or even break occasionally.

To minimise repair times in the event of a fault, we always carry a full range of the most frequently required spare parts in stock. In any case, we provide customers with a list of spare parts we recommend they keep in stock for each machine (together with consumables such as thermal print heads and drive belts).

ALTECH also maintains an archive of even our oldest models, with their corresponding spare parts, in order to be able to service machines of any age quickly, effectively and efficiently even as time passes.